A New Leader in the Barter Industry

The Next Generation of Barter Exchange Management SoftwareBCL Soft is the leader in barter and trade software. With the development of its online barter/trade exchange platform, Barter21, BCL Soft is filling the gap in the barter and trade industry.

BCL Soft delivers a ready-to-deploy barter and trade application - prebuilt, integrated, and on demand. Barter21, BCL Soft’s flagship product, is the cutting-edge trading platform that will allow you to run your exchange and increase transactions both within and outside your exchange members.

Barter21 is a complete enterprise-class barter exchange Software as a Service (SaaS), that features on-demand bartering with an online trading floor as well as real-time directory and search information. Created to be the most technologically advanced barter platform, it is all you'll ever need to run and manage your exchange.

If your barter exchange has been in business for years, or if you are creating a new exchange in your marketplace, you can count on BCL Soft to create the applications to run your business.

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